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Kind of tension for the whole day :( .Its all about a friend belong to another friend ! At least I've learned something after this incident that atferwards never be kind to others which doesn't kind to us. Huargh,DAMN ! Nana,you always be in hard situation that need you making a hard decision. I hate everything that pushing me to do something bad to my own self. I give them a big smile and I take back a bad feedback. I love by helping others,but when I need some hand to carry me on,they are gone :( disappear from my eye sight . Oh God, I need to be an independent,stand by my own feet, please help me. I don't need others ! I strong deeply ! I have everything that others don't have ! I been loved by everyone that close to me ! I have my own loving person. They all complete me. I don't need be friend with some part of people like YOU that love stabbing your own friend behind their back. Grrrr !
Saturday, July 31, 2010 | 6:50 PM | 0 comments

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Nurul Nadiah
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