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I'm updating my blog on this bright Super Sunday,230 p.m while my stomach making a great music because I didn't touch any foods since I'm wake up on bed till now :) . That's not an idea making a great balance diet,it's all about fasting. I must go on,fuhh. Hahahaha. Thanks God,DIP1-S5 didn't have any class this evening. Hooray :) It's was cancelled for the last minute,so I can doing some relaxable activities in my room. Actually not my room,my coursemate's room * IKA. Yaaa,kind of bored if be lonely in your room,so I'm just making a havoc and rockin my friends with some talk :)).Huuu,I need to do a lot of things this week,it's all can make a headache. I wonder if we are in fasting month. How I can be well-prepared for this confusion thing. I have a math quiz on this Wed. An assignment to be in Puan Nasrah's and Puan Wahidah's desk on this Thursday and a can't-be-wait test on next Sunday. Packed schedule ! As conclude,I waiting for Monday coming. I love Monday <3
Sunday, August 1, 2010 | 2:42 PM | 0 comments

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