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Makkah , tq sent my loved both
Pretty damn sure la PT will be coming soon this week . 
Everyone keep saying that famous word , but i'm the one that sick heard of it . Haihhh ! everything goes same with me , even i get my PT or otherwise . Yeay , my mom will be at home this evening about 3 .
 Wah , i'm excited to get their both experience in Makkah . Of course i'm the little one that always be loved much , so i wanna be at first seeing them . HAHAHAHA . Just a moron talk , for the highlights i'm the last one will be at home . DAMN !!! Such a long time I didnt update my blog , busy managing my course in early 2nd semester . But now , quite slow rapid study . No pressure yet , but the pressure is waiting for me in the last of sem . So , i must prepared :)) 
Okay PT , my last warning . Sent your good news A.S.A.P ! I'm just pity with my besties that always get headache with THIS MONEY MATTER . 
So , por favor 
Thursday, December 16, 2010 | 7:43 AM | 0 comments

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