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the term of ANGAU , aww

Let me make it sooo simple , now i am in ANGAU mode : 

The meaning of ANGAU term used to describe the process of moving from a feeling of neutrality towards a person to one of love. The use of the term "fall" implies that the process is in some way inevitable (tak dapat dielakkan,senang cite tak boleh 'miss'lah) , uncontrollable(tak terkawal), risky(jeng jeng , BERISIKO), irreversible(yang tak dapat diubah) .

Who was a great man ? The SUPERDUPER guy that i always mention in my status on FACEBOOK and if you guys noticed , i also post entry about him before 

and why I angau the proof is when I caught nearly a week of waiting for his new vlog he usually will update it every sunday but recently on May 14th, SAT. 

Waiting ....... Hard for me baiiii ! This entry was not going to show my anger (#@^$%#$%#&%$) to him , but I want to say that I , AKU , ME , MYSELF , SAYA , GUA  is the can't-wait-yaww follower with his 'multimedia lecture' .

and this his new VLOG , the latest one . WATCH IT ! **Please don't cairrrr , he's mine*** :P

ANWARHADI : continue the good work, I support 100% :)
details , check out his BLOG . below my blog , click the banner <3333

before you guys read this ,  I've given this to him and the feedback is :

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